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We appreciate the financial support of every person, businesses, and groups who have contributed to our band since its inception in the year 2000.  The following is a list of 2020-21 Donors to Cumberland County Community Band.

Maestro ($1000 or more)
Theodore and Diane DePuy
Ken and Grace Patton
Tim and Sue Tewalt

Angels ($500 to $999)
Bilbrey Funeral Home
Tommy and Cathy Crabtree
Fairfield Glade Rotary
Kroger Rewards
Dorothea Loehnis Estate

Benefactors ($250 – $499)
Burt Allaire
Greg and Joyce Bietry
Paul and Beverly Smith
Ken and Christine Wurtenberger

Patrons ($100 – $249)
Ralph and Zella Bacon
Archie and Linda Bentz
Michael and Shirley Butka
Dick and Margie Buxbaum in honor of Bill Kerr
Stephen and Virginia Carlson
Jeff and Dale Cavanaugh
Robert Emrick
Betsey E. Erickson
Betsy A. Hess
John and Ruth Hughes
William Kerr in memory of Bob Bullock
Bob and Mary King
Steve and Judy LaBerge
Michael and Mary Mayes
Stephen and Ruth Ann McColley
State Farm Matching Gift
Jay and Judy Van Paemel
Nancy Powell
Kathryn and Charles Randall
Jane and Charles Tollett

Partners ($50 – $99)
Amazon Smile
Beverly Andrews
Jim and Michelle Bayless
Paul and Mary Demet
Steve and Deborah Douglas  in memory of Murray Kidwell
Don and Carol Edwards
Betsey Erickson
Judy Fistler
Jan and Richard Homan
Mary Hall King
Edward Koch, Jr.

GerriAnne Mason
Charles Mount
Dick and Eve Pry
William and Mary Ruth in honor of Glen Belcher
Sheila Walden in memory of Douglas Walden
Douglas and Linda Zelonis

Friends (to $49)
Carolyn Boyle
John and Mary Ann Kieck
Mary Nolan
Sandra Lee Polizzi

2021 Concert Sponsors
Bilbrey Funeral Home
Tommy and Cathy Crabtree
Theodore and Diane Depuy
Ken and Grace Patton
Tim and Sue Tewalt

Bob Aanarud
Jennifer Chilcote
Rick Dennis
Fairfield Glade Ladies Club
Fairfield Glade United Methodist Church
Fairfield Glade Community Club
Gail Hagenbach
William Kerr
Catherine Lennox
Middle Tennessee Gas Utility District Project Hometown Help

Gifts in-Kind
Best One Tire and Auto
Christy’s Pub Grub
Four Seasons Salon
Good Times Wine and Spirits
Gail Hagenbach
Debbie Mauch
Miriam Simmons
Southern Stars Symphonic Banc
Sunshine Cleaners

With Very Special Thanks
Art Circle Library
Elmore’s Designs
Jimmy Pleasant and Business Equipment Clinic
Gina Padgett
Stone Memorial High School
Sunshine Cleaners

List effective 1/1/2020 to 10/6/2021
If your donation was not listed or your name was listed incorrectly, please contact the Band at

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