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About the Band

The Cumberland County Community Band is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax deductible.   The band rehearses on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 PM at the Cumberland County High School Band Room in Crossville, TN.

The band is composed of amateur musicians returning to their instruments after periods of inactivity, retired and working band directors and professional players, all who enjoy playing in a congenial performing group.  We encourage interested musicians in the area to join us.


Most concerts are performed in the auditorium of the Stone Memorial High School.


Members of the Board

Bill Meyrahn, President
Dan England, Vice President
Bob White, Treasurer
Georgeia McCann, Secretary
William T. Kerr, Conductor
Ruth Ann Tuten, Assistant Conductor

Jane Winters, Music Library
Beth Chase, Development
Shirley Creager, Personnel Manager
Bill McCay, Stage & Property Manager
Doyle Winters, Member at Large
Glen Belcher, STARTS Coordinator
Joan Vrielink-Capito, Publicity Manager 


Paul Beal – Uniform Coordinator
Georgeia McCann – Website
Gina Padgett – Posters and Concert Programs

Band Members


Toni White
Doyle Winters
Carol Plattner
Nathan Tuten
Holly Tuten
Heidi Rose

Our Founder

Murray Kidwell

Alto Saxophone

Mikki Betker

Mike Bush

Phil Ciancio

Dan England

Terry Enlund

Miriam Jenkins

Pedro Pons

Asa Sparks


Ruth Ernest

Pete Tiffany

Baritone Saxophone

J.W. Bruce

Patrick Lankford


Ada Grey

Terri Kunath


Carl Baker

Arianna Caruso

Shirley Creager

Paige Deck

Ada Grey

John Hughes

Bruce Johnson

Bill Kerr

Ruth Ann McColley

Frank Saxton

Sara Saxton

Vivian Seals

Elijah Sparks

Paula Thielen

Ruth Ann Tuten

Barbara Whynaucht


Glen Belcher

Dudley Robinson

Ryelly Smithson

James Wilson


Bonnie Ashburn

Phyllis Bidwell

Beth Chase

Emily Cooper

Ashley Hinds

Susan Keith

Jordan Kerley

Mary Anne Lankford

Georgeia McCann

Paula Scott

Joan Vrielink-Capito

Linda Zelonis

French Horn

Bill Boyd

David Farber

Jane Harding

Anderson Hassler

Gina Padgett

Laura Steinke

John Wells

David White

Jane Winters

Buzz Ziegler


Mary Anne Lankford


Dana Beal


Carol Boyd

Rick Dennis

Gail Hagenbach

Felice Hunter

Bob Kludt

Terry Mitchell

Hans Plattner

Bob White

Tenor Saxophone

Brian Hickman

Rick Thomas


Nick Kaufmann


Paul Beal

Jim Bell

Caleb Capps

Cassandra Compton

Rick Kepner

Mani Lozano

Bill Meyrahn

Jack Moncheourt

Joseph Allen Propst

Allen Rumbaugh


Bob Aanerud

Marty Abbott

Terry Ashburn

Mike Chilcutt

Carolyn Clark

Phil Craighead

Earl Keith

Gary Kunath

Bill McCay

Nancy Mitchell

Chris Schaumberg


Dave Bouque

Bruce Gallant

Donell Matthews

Joan Peters

Zachary Sapp

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