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Enhanced Woods - an ensemble of clarinets

The Enchanted Woods Clarinet Ensemble is made up of musicians from varied backgrounds but with the desire to play music and share music at a variety of venues.  We are made up of members primarily from the Cumberland County Community Band, and we play a wide variety of music from classical to oldies, religious to light rock, and just about anything in between.

Enchanted Woods Logo.jpg

Our name comes from two words which offer meaning to the group.  ENCHANTED is defined as "placed under or as if under a magic spell" or "to impart a magic quality or effect".  Isn't that what music is all about, to magically take you on a journey within your mind and imagination?  We think so.  WOODS is simple.  Quality Clarinets are made from Grenadilla wood, which is a fine wood used in making musical instruments that delivers the deep resonate tones of the clarinet.  So it is simple, The Enchanted Woods Clarinet Ensemble takes you to magical places through music with deep resonate tones and plenty of imagination.  

We enjoy playing and entertaining.  GOD has blessed us with the ability to play great music and share our talents with our audiences, big and small.  Our purpose is to play music people like to hear and music that is familiar with our listeners.  We are pleased to be able to play for you and hope you enjoy your experience with our group.  We sincerely thank you for listening.

To schedule a performance please contact Wayne Rose at 931-707-7566.

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