Community Band Support

The band has been delighted with the enthusiastic support of the community.  All musicians in the band volunteer their time in an effort to contribute positively to the musical environment of the community and to our local school music programs.

If you would like to contribute to help with the band's expenses for music and performance use fees, please consider one of the following categories:

Angel $500 or more
Benefactor $250 - $499
Patron $100 - $249
Sponsor $50 - $99
Friend $25 - $49

A letter of appreciation will be sent to all donors stating the amount received.  Included will be the band’s Federal non-profit ID number.  This can be used as a charitable tax deduction.

To donate by check, please make out check to CUMBERLAND COUNTY COMMUNITY BAND and mail to:  PO Box 1624 Crossville, TN 38558

We appreciate the financial support of every person, businesses, and groups who have contributed to our band since its inception in the year 2000. Thank you for your donations at our concerts as well as those donations specifically dedicated to our uniform fund or music library.

ANGELS ($500 OR MORE)        
Art Guild at Fairfield Glade
Bilbrey Funeral Home
Theodore & Diane Depuy
John and Sheryl Eldred
Fairfield Glade Ladies Club
Fairfield Glade Rotary Club
First National Bank of Tennessee
In Memory of Grace Kerr
Murray & Evangeline Kidwell
Kroger Community Rewards
Tom & Barbara Martin
Conny Nagy Ottway
Ken & Grace Patton
Timothy & Susan Tewalt
VEC Share Program
PATRONS ($100-$249)      
Norman & Carol Adams
Sandy Austin
Ralph & Zella Bacon
Billie Faye Brannon
Michael & Shirley Butka
Jeff & Dale Cavenaugh
Peggy Cooper
Joseph Lucas & Toni Emery
David & Linda Farber
Jonnie & Terry Franklin
Bruce & Karen Gallant
Norman Hinkle
Howard & Nanci Humphrey
Lloyd & Mary Jacobsen
Mickey Kappler
Robert & Claudia Kennedy
Rick & Darla Kepner
Stephen & Ruth Ann McColley
Irene Petelle
Harry & Karen Price
Raymond & Kathleen Pilon
Dorris Smith
John & Patricia Sohmer
James Taylor
Andrew & Winifred Wargo
Mary Wiecaorek
Michael Williams
BENEFACTORS ($250-$499)   
Action Heating & Cooling
Victoria Berns
Dick & Margie Buxbaum
Cromwell Ln Neighbors of Joe Rice
Linda Frazier
Good Samaritan Society of FFG
David Griffies
Bill and Betsy Hess
Korean War Veterans Association
Lefty's Barbeque
Charles Meerrick
Military Officers Assoc. of America
Neighbors and Newcomers of
of Cumberland County
Joseph Rice
Ricci and Jane Seager
Paul Smith
Ron & Barbara Whynaucht
  SPONSORS ($50-$99)
  Richard & Joy Albins
  Amazon Smile
  Helen Buhrmester
  Paul & Mary Demet
  Ed & Vera Foster
  Mary Hall
  Joe & Kathy Koester
  Marilyn Koestier
  June Levora
  Harry Preston
  Charles & Kathryn Randall
  Ken & Nancy Schrader
  Irvin & Carol Stenger
  Norton & RosemaryStromen
  Douglas & Shiela Walden
  Robert & Helen Wallenta
Friends ($25-$49)
  William & Shirley Bateman
  Louise Burman
  Tabitha Cooper
  Dennis & Beth Jones
  Charles Mount
  Gordon & Cathie Swanson