Community Band Member Receives Award

Community Band Member Receives Award

By Nancy L. Mitchell, Contributing Writer

The Cumberland County Community Band was formed in 2000, founded by Murray Kidwell, the band’s first director. At that time Bruce and Karen Gallant were living in California, organizing their own community band.

Four years later the Gallants moved to Cumberland County and brought with them their band management experience. Bruce joined the CCCB as a tuba player. He was eventually elected as a board member and has served consistently until January of this year. Bruce’s wife, Karen, had organized and maintained the music library for their group in California. She assumed the position of Music Librarian and held it for 11 years.

The Gallants have had such a positive impact on the CCCB that it was decided a show of appreciation was in order. During the recent CCCB performance the Gallants received a trophy in the shape of eighth notes, presented by Bill Kerr, President.

The Gallants also received an award, presented by Glen Belcher, Conductor.

The CCCB is a member of the Association of Concert Bands (ACB) along with over 500 other community and professional bands throughout the US and Canada. The ACB frequently recognizes bands and conductors for their achievements. These achievements include quality of performance and longevity, such a band’s 50th anniversary.

As plans for the “Musical Miscellanea” concert were being developed and reflections on the impact the Gallants have had on the organization were made, a question came to mind: Does the ACB have any form of recognition for outstanding individual members? A call to the organization’s national headquarters revealed that there had never been any type of recognition for individual band members.

The CCCB sent a letter to Nada Montgomery, ACB Secretary, asking if they would consider such an award. Enclosed with the letter was a “resume” listing Gallant’s accomplishments and contributions to the band.

During a regular meeting of the ACB board it was approved to develop such an award for outstanding individual band members. The first “ACB Special Recognition Award” was presented to Gallant at the June concert. The certificate reads: “Special Recognition Award presented to BRUCE GALLANT…In recognition of 15 years of dedicated service to the Cumberland County Community Band as a member of the Board of Directors, and in appreciation for his role in developing a band that the residents of Cumberland County are proud to call a ‘treasure’.”



Photo by Terry Ashburn

Left to right: Jane Harding, Glen Belcher, Bruce and Karen Gallant, Bob White, Linda Zelonis, Bill Kerr

Bruce and Karen Gallant Receive Award